Chartered Arbitrator Chartered Civil Engineer
Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators                          Past President of the Society of Construction Arbitrators 
​Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers
​Fellow of The Academy of Experts

Recent ADR Experience since 2003

  • 2003 to date, Standing Dispute Adjudicator, Canary Wharf London, UK
  • October 1999, Sole Arbitrator ICC, Design and Build Hotel, Dubai
  • ​January 2000, Party Appointed Arbitrator ICC, Civil Engineering, Italy
  • January 2001, Sole arbitrator, Building Design Error, Dubai
  • March 2001, One of 2 party Appointed Arbitrators, Defence Project, France
  • May 2001, Sole Arbitrator, Motorway Collapse Geotechnical, UK
  • May 2001, Sole Arbitrator, Statutory Arbitration Flooding, UK
  • October 2001, Sole Arbitrator, Building Delays & Cost, UK
  • September 2004, Claimant Appointed Arbitrator ICC 3 Man Tribunal, High Speed Railway Taiwan, London
  • March 2005, Govt of Bermuda Appointed Arbitrator to 3 Man Tribunal, Major Construction Project,  Bermuda
  • January 2006, Chairman of 3 Man Tribunal, Major Gas Plant Rejection For Cause, Turkey
  • November 2006, Party Appointed Arbitrator 3 Man ICC Tribunal, Offshore Oil Pipeline Termination & DelayArabian Gulf 
  • January 2009,  Party Appointed Arbitrator 3 Man ICC Tribunal, Offshore Gas Pipeline Termination & Delay, Qatar
  • June 2009 Appointed Dispute Adjudication Board Member Qatar 8KM Long Building   
  • June 2009, Party Appointed Arbitrator 3 Man Tribunal, Termination Of Design & Build Gas Plant, Yemen
  • September 2009, Chairman of 3 Man Tribunal LCIA, Construction Dispute, Dubai
  • October 2009, Dispute Adjudication Board, €1.3 billion Development, Qatar
  • September 2010, Chairman of 3 Man Tribunal DIAC Rules, Delay & Cost, Dubai
  • June 2011, Chair of DAB, Motorway, Romania
  • November 2011, Chairman 3 man Tribunal DIAC Rules, Major Development, Dubai
  • December 2015 Party Appointed Arbitrator 3 Man Tribunal Netherlands Marine Issues
  • December 2015 Party Appointed Arbitrator 3 Man Tribunal Dubai Construction Issues
  • August 2017 Claimant Appointed Sole Arbitrator International Arbitration Highway Collapse